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Hatam Tejarat Arya Company

Hatam Tejarat Arya Company was registered in Isfahan in 2019. The nominal meaning of the company is two symbols, Hatam and Arya, which are both Arabic and Persian.


The company operates in the fields of export-import and trade.


One of the fields of activity of this company is the export management department for companies interested in exporting products or services and in the form of projects.


Sajjad Nazeri, CEO of Hatam Tejarat Arya Company, which is of Iranian-Iraqi origin, assists manufacturing and service companies in all fields of export from zero to one hundred to export the product.

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All members and staff of Hatam Tejarat Aria Company always intend to be the first export management company in the region with effort, perseverance and ambitious.


Also, by providingadvice and cooperation, we can solve the problems of Iranian companies (in the field of export) and the problems of Arab companies (in the field of import and export of goods).


This increases the satisfaction of customers and owners of goods.

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Strategy And Vision

Strategy and vision

Exports are one of the most essential sectors of the country’s economy, and it is also an important source of foreign exchange earnings that keep the country’s economy alive.


With the right strategy and management, the success of exporting companies in the international market is possible.


Factors such as risk-taking, leadership, hegemony and foresight have a great impact on determining the appropriate strategy.


Hatam Tejarat Aria Company has achieved many successes so far by adapting different methods to the outside environment (in the field of exports and competitors) and offering superior solutions.


Hatam Tejarat Aria is one of the reputable and active companies in the field of export and import, which makes great efforts to bring Iranian and global companies closer to each other in order to grow and develop Iran’s economy.